Along with an ever increase in elderly population the hunger for rejuvenation procedures has replaced the earlier taboo attached to them. This new demand creates enormous opportunities to professionals from different specialties in a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

This course intends to summarize the current state of the art in rejuvenation medicine through lectures providing pearls and the pitfalls.

The course will have three blocks and cover the most recent information on cosmeceuticals (prevention and treatment), office management, lasers, botox, fillers, fat transplantation, minimal invasive procedures, hair transplantation and rejuvenation surgery.

This course provides an excellent opportunity for dermatologists, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, skin therapists and beauty therapists to receive an intense and high quality update in one day.

This course will run in Utrecht once every three years and can be combined with its two sister courses held during the same week: Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck course (16 May) and Intercontinental Rhinoplasty course (17-18 May).


This course was given 6 accreditation points.